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    The Digital Activist Taking Human Prejudice Out of Our Machines

    Buolamwini puts a much-needed human face on the problem of machine bias, says Solon Barocas, who runs Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency in Machine Learning, the academic world’s preeminent conference on the topic.

    A white mask worked better

    Source : The Guardian

    When Joy Buolamwini found that facial detection technology detected her face better when she wore a white mask, she knew a problem needed fixing

    Can tech be biased?

    CNN Money

    We like to think of technology as neutral, but machines can actually be just as biased as the humans who develop them.


    Artificial intelligence: How to avoid...

    Source : BBC News

    There is growing concern that many of the algorithms that make decisions about our lives - from what we see on the internet to how likely we are to become victims or instigators of crime - are trained on data sets that do not include a diverse range of people.