Selected as a 2018 Technology Review 35 under 35 Honoree Joy Shares Gender Shades Research Work

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    In word and in action...

    TED.com Talk

    2016 - Boston: Unmasking Algorithmic Bias Talk

    Started in 2012, TEDxBeaconStreet is one of the most innovative TEDx events in the world. During the event's 5th anniversary, Joy shared how her personal frustrations with facial detection software influenced the formation of the Algorithmic Justice League which aims to identify and mitigate algorithmic bias. This talk is now featured on TED.com .

    White House

    2016 - DC: Computer Science for All - Dr. Papert Tribute

    At the request of the OSTP, Joy gave a tribute to Dr. Seymour Papert at the first-ever Summit on Computer Science for All, marking progress on President Obama’s call to action, and announcing new commitments. [View video and transcript]


    Harvard University

    2016 - Cambridge: Bias Symposium

    During the Harvard Society for Mind, Brain, and Behavior Bias Symposium, Joy spoke about how human bias can unintentionally manifest itself in computational models of artificial intelligence. She then joined fellow speakers Dr. Jason Mitchell (Harvard, Psychology), Dr. Arvind Narayanan(Princeton, Computer Science), and Dr. Carey Morewedge (Boston University, Questrom School of Business) in an audience led discussion on the future of bias.



    Grace Hopper '16 Conference

    2016 - Houston: Series or Parallel Panel

    A Discussion with Millennials Weaving HairTech, Smart Bras, Gaming and Rights Apps in between Industry, Academia, and Startups.



    Joy Buolamwini, Founder Code4Rights

    Alicia Chong Rodriguez, Co-founder, Bloomer Tech

    Candace Mitchell, Co-founder and CEO, Techturized Inc.

    Jasmine Lawrence, Founder - EDEN BODY WORKS



    Museum of Fine Art

    2016 - Boston: Coded Gaze Exhibition - Presenting Artist

    Rome Entrepreneurship Forum

    2015 - Vatican : Code4Rights Debut

    UN African Union Satellite

    2015 - New York: Face2Face Africa Masterclass

    CGI Annual Meeting

    2014 - New York: Clinton Global Initiative Panel

    Coding for Opportunity: Engaging Underrepresented Groups in Computer Science.



    • Joy Buolamwini, Founder, Zamrize
    • Shelly Esque, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Intel Corp
    • Jacquelline Fuller, Director, Google.org
    • André J. Gudger, Director, Office of Small Business Programs and  U.S. Department of Defense
    • Telle Whitney, Chief Executive Officer, Anita Borg Institute

    Said Business School

    2014 - Oxford: Confessions of an Entrepreneur

    US Embassy Keynote

    2013- Keynote: Zambia United States Student Achievers Program

    Summit Series

    2012 - Lake Tahoe - Speaker

    Mobile Global: How Smart is Your Smartphone?


    Global Health Technology

    2012 - Demonstration: Carter Center Annual Trachoma Meeting Speaker

    Androids in the Amhara

    2011 -Portland: What if Android Devices in Ethiopia Could Prevent Blindness?

    Joy was one of the youngest presenters at the age of 21 at annual Grace Hopper Conference celebrating women in computing.

    Women at the Frontier

    2011 - Singularity University: Defining Power - Speaker

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